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About Joanne

Joanne has a degree in Social Work (1994) and was a social worker before becoming a lawyer. But because she wanted to help more families, more people in various points in their lives, Joanne studied to become a lawyer and got admitted to the Bar in 1998.


Joanne Hadley C.P. Inc. is a sole practitioner law firm incorporated in 2006, and is an authorized paid representative of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


Corporate Law
Contracts and Commercial Agreements
Incorporation and Corporate Acquisition
Lease Agreements

Motor vehicle accident
Slip and fall incident

Real Estate Law
Lease agreement
Purchase and Sale Agreement
Purchase of property
Sale of property

Family Law
Decision-Making and Parenting Time
Division of Marital Property


Wills And Trusts
Estate planning
Probate and Administration
Wills and Power of Attorneys
Immigration Law
Student permit
Work permit
Visitor visa
Permanent residence
Canadian citizenship

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